KSA Card Grading Services

KSA uses a 10-point certification process that includes checking centering, corners, cut, colour, borders, enamel, focus, picture quality, registration and micro imperfections. Cards are measured, checked under magnification and special lighting. You can feel confident when buying or selling your KSA card that it has been professionally graded.

KSA sonically seals all of its graded cards in a scratch resistant, optical quality, UV protected holder. These top of the line holders are visually appealing and very protective of all forms of card stock sealed inside them. All cards graded by KSA have a unique serial number that corresponds to the card information and grade...this information is then recorded in the KSA online database. Information on KSA graded cards can be searched using our Serial Number Verification 


Prices & Turnaround Times

Service Type # of Cards  Price  Turnaround Time 
Same Day No Limit $100/Card Same Day
Express No Limit $50/Card Approx. 5 Business Days
Regular 1-19 Cards $30/Card Approx. 20 Business Days
Bulk 20-49 Cards $25/Card Approx. 30 Business Days
Bulk 50-99 Cards $20/Card Approx. 30 Business Days
Bulk 100+ Cards $15/Card Approx. 30 Business Days
TCG Regular 1-19 Cards $25/Card Approx. 20 Business Days
TCG Bulk 20+ Cards $15/Card Approx. 20 Business Days
Reholder Express No Limit $25/Card Approx. 1-2 Business Days
Reholder Regular No Limit $15/Card Approx. 10 Business Days

** Same day service requires an appointment**

 Please note our TCG services are for TCG cards only. Applicable to Pokemon, MTG, Lorcana, Yugioh, Digimon, Flesh and Blood, and more.


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Grading Resources

These resources should help you with any questions you may have regarding our services. If you are still needing assistance after viewing these resources please don't hesitate to reach out.