How to Submit Cards

Step 1
Choose Service:

Review and select a service level based on the number of cards you are submitting and the speed of service you desire from the Card Grading Services page.


Step 2 
Complete Submission:

Choose one of the following submission methods: Print and fill out the Manual Submission Form or purchase your Submission Online.

Manual Submission Form: Print and fill out completely, refer to the Information Page for grading fees, please contact us if you need any help completing the form.

Online Submission Method: Select the service level and add submission quantity to cart, add to cart any additional return shipping insurance you require (return shipping fee automatically added to order before final checkout), create account and checkout with your preferred method of payment.


Step 3
Package & Ship to KSA:

We request that you submit your cards to KSA first in penny sleeves then transfer to semi-rigid (card savers) or top loaders for easy handling and best safety. Please avoid using screw down holders as well as tape on top loaders.

Box your bubble wrap protected cards along with manual submission form or online order confirmation print out and securely tape entire package.

Ship through Canada Post with tracking and signature required to:

KSA Certification - Head Office
83C Arthur Street South
Elmira, Ontario, N3B 2M8
(519) 804-8354  email:

Western Office
PO Box 21687
Vancouver, BC, V5L 5G3
(778) 928-9572  email:

Retain a copy of your tracking number for reference. We will send you a confirmation email once your order has been received at our office.

**Alternatively, you may drop your submission off in person at our head office with no appointment required.