KSA Coin Grading Services

KSA Coin Certification will authenticate your coin and assign a grade based on criteria outlined in our Grading Standards. Additionally, more information may be required to accurately describe your coin in which case you may see a designation such as "Red Brown" or "Cameo" added to the label, a full list of designations can be found on our Grading Standards page. You can feel confident when buying or selling your KSA Coin that it has been professionally graded by a non-bias numismatist that has no commercial involvement in coin collecting.  

KSA sonically seals all of its graded coins in a scratch resistant, optical quality, UV protected holder. These top of the line holders are visually appealing and very protective of all forms of coins sealed inside them. To help guarantee security, all coins graded by KSA have a unique serial number that corresponds to the coin information and grade...this information is then recorded in the KSA ONLINE DATABASE along with a photo match of the coin in the KSA holder. For information on KSA graded coins, use our Graded Coin Verification tool. Please note coin grading services are only available at the Ontario office.


Prices & Turnaround Times

Service Type # of Coins  Price  Turnaround Time 
Regular 1-19 Coins $30/Coin Approx. 20 Business Days
Express No Limit $50/Coin Approx. 5 Business Days
Bulk 20-49 Coins $25/Coin Approx. 30 Business Days
Bulk 50-99 Coins $20/Coin Approx. 30 Business Days
Bulk 100+ Coins $15/Coin Approx. 30 Business Days


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Coin Grading Resources

These resources should help you with any questions you may have regarding our services. If you are still needing assistance after viewing these resources please don't hesitate to reach out.