Authentication FAQ's

What is Autograph Authentication?

A: Autograph Authentication is a very detailed inspection of various characteristics of a signed item to determine it's legitimacy. Every detail of an autograph is closely examined for inconsistencies such as stroke weight, slant & flow. Special comparative tools are used to reference submitted items against an extensive database of known authentic examples.

Does the autograph receive a grade?

A: Once your autographed item has been examined, it will be given 1 of the following 3 designations. Authentic, which will be accompanied by our Letter of Authenticity, Rejected which will be accompanied by our Letter of Opinion, or Inconclusive (rare) which will be accompanied with a CREDIT for the authentication fees paid.

What does it cost to have an autograph authenticated?

A: Please refer to the authentication information page of our website for our different service levels and related fees.

What does the basic authentication service include?

A: The basic submission service will include a professional authentication on an item with a perceived value under $100 and has one autograph on a single item. The customer will receive a certificate of authenticity for the autograph. If you are unsure if your item qualifies, please contact us before submitting.

How long does it take to authenticate?

A: The current turn around time for the basic & regular service is an approximate 20 business days. The express service is an approximate 5 business day turn around time from the date the order is received.

If you are looking for turnaround times for the West office, please contact them directly as they are differing from the Ontario office. They have a large backlog of orders and are processing them as quickly as possible.  

Does KSA accept submissions from the US?

A: KSA does accept US submissions. For any questions regarding customs and duties along with package insurance please feel free to call 519-804-8354 or email 

Do I need to make an appointment to come to your store?

A: The only time an appointment is necessary to visit our store front location is if you wish to have our same day grading service done.

Does KSA accept in person drop offs?

A: KSA allows in person drop offs and pick ups with no appointment required at our store front location, 83C Arthur St. S in Elmira.

Do I still have to pay even if the autograph is not authentic?

A: Yes. We are still evaluating the autograph the same way we would an authentic one, the customer would just not receive the LOA, rather an LOR and if the item is a card - not have it be slabbed. 

Do you have a refund policy?

A: If you wish to cancel your order before sending it in for services to be completed, please email quoting your order number and reason for cancellation. KSA Certification services are non-refundable once service has been completed.