What is Card Grading?

A: Card grading is the process of authenticating a trading card and assigning a numerical value corresponding to the condition of the card. The numerical value is based on criteria found in the grading standards.

What is Autograph Authentication?

A: Autograph Authentication is a very detailed look at various characteristics of a signed item to determine it's legitimacy. Every detail of an autograph is closely examined for inconsistencies such as stroke weight, slant & flow. Special comparative tools are used to reference submitted items against an extensive database of known authentic examples.

What does it cost to have a card graded?

A: Please refer to the grading information page of our website for our different service levels and related fees.

What does it cost to have an autograph authenticated?

A: Please refer to the authentication information page of our website for our different service levels and related fees.

Can I drop off my submission to KSA Certification in person instead of mailing?

A: You are more than welcome to drop off your submission to us in person, either at one of our show appearances or at our Kitchener office. If you plan to drop off at the office, please be sure to call/email to set up an appointment first.