Card Grading FAQ's

What is Card Grading?

A: Card grading is the process of authenticating a trading card and assigning a numerical value corresponding to the condition of the card. The numerical value is based on criteria found in the grading standards.

How will the card be graded?

A: KSA uses a 10-point certification process that includes checking centering, corners, cut, colour, borders, enamel, focus, picture quality, registration and micro imperfections. Cards are measured, checked under magnification and special lighting.

Can memorabilia, patch or thicker cards be graded?

A: At this time KSA is unable to grade thicker memorabilia cards as they will not fit in our holder. The maximum thickness that currently fits in a KSA holder is 55pt. 

What cards can't be graded through KSA?

A: Please visit our Cards we Don't Grade page.

How should I prepare my cards for grading?

A: Once you have selected the cards you will be sending for grading, we suggest placing all cards first in penny sleeves and then in either top loaders, card-savers or one-touch holders. We ask that customers please avoid screw down holders as well as taping top loaders.

What does it cost to have a card graded?

A: Please refer to the grading information page of our website for our different service levels and related fees. 

Regular Service 1 - 10 cards $50 per card
Express Service Any number of cards $70 per card
Walk Through Service Any number of cards $100 per card
Bulk Grading Service  11 - 19 cards  $30 per card 
20 - 50 cards $25 per card
51 - 99 cards $20 per card
100+ cards $15 per card

How long does it take to have the cards graded?

A: Although turn around times can vary from the timeframes listed here on the website, a general amount of time is listed based on the service level selected

Regular service  2 weeks from the time the cards are received
Express service 1 week from the time the cards are received.
Bulk service Approximately 1-2 months from the time the cards are received. 


If you are looking for turnaround times for the West office, please contact them directly as they are differing from the Ontario office. They have a large backlog of orders and are processing them as quickly as possible. 

What are KSA Grading Subscriptions?

A: KSA Grading Subscriptions are different levels that have differing quantity of cards and pricing that you are able to purchase to then submit monthly for card grading. This service is great for those that have lots of cards and want to submit monthly, but also get a good deal at the same time. **At this time all grading subscription levels are available at the Ontario office and only the Gold and Platinum level are available at the BC office.**

Bronze Subscription 5 cards 1 Month $150
Silver Subscription 10 cards  1 Month $250
Gold Subscription 20 cards  1 Month $400
Platinum Subscription 50 cards  2 Months  $750

Where can I get order updates?

A: If you are looking for an order update, please visit our order updates page.

Will the price change based on the card type?

A: No, there is no price difference based on the type of card you submit, or the estimate value of the card.

Where is the manual submission form?

(Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, & Maritimes)

How do I fill out the manual submission form?

A: Please see the example image shown below or follow the instructions on the form.


How should I ship the cards to KSA?

A: This is up to the user on how to securely send cards to KSA within Canada, but a good option is the flat rate boxes available for purchase at all Canada Post locations. 

flat rate box includes

  • Flat rate postage
  • High quality shipping box
  • Tracking and on-time delivery guarantee
  • Up to $100 of liability coverage for loss or damage

Do I have to ship through Canada Post?

A: KSA Certification excepts mail in shipments from the following postal services:

  • Canada Post/USPS
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • Purolator

Don't see your preferred postal service company on this list? Contact us before shipping your package to us! US submissions are NOT to be sent through courier.


Will I get a notification once my cards have arrived?

A: Yes, we will send you a confirmation email once your order has been received at our office. Please allow an additional 1-2 business days to update the order status. 

Does KSA have different holders?

A: Over the last 27 years, KSA has had three different designs of holders. To see them, view our KSA Generations page. 

Do I need to make an appointment to come to your store?

A: The only time an appointment is necessary to visit our store front location is if you wish to have our same day grading service done.

Does KSA accept in person drop offs?

A: KSA allows in person drop offs and pick ups with no appointment required at our store front location, 83C Arthur St. S in Elmira.

Does KSA offer onsite grading?

A: KSA offers a same day grading service which is $100 per card and is appointment required. To book an appointment at the Ontario office, click here. If you are wanting to book with the West office, please contact them directly. 

Does KSA accept submissions from the US?

A: KSA does accept US submissions. For any questions regarding customs and duties along with package insurance please feel free to call 519-804-8354 or email US submissions are not to be sent by courier.

Can KSA tell me what my card is worth?

A: KSA determines the cards condition and what the grade will be. We do not speculate on the value or the cards potential worth. 

What is Autograph Authentication?

A: Autograph Authentication is a very detailed inspection of various characteristics of a signed item to determine it's legitimacy. Every detail of an autograph is closely examined for inconsistencies such as stroke weight, slant & flow. Special comparative tools are used to reference submitted items against an extensive database of known authentic examples.

What does it cost to have an autograph authenticated?

A: Please refer to the authentication information page of our website for our different service levels and related fees.