Card Grading Standards

A - Authentic

An authentic example that does not qualify for a number grade due to extremely poor condition.

1 - (FP) Fair to Poor

This card shows extreme wear and heavy creases, major round corners and other damage could include scuffing, staining, chipped edges, graffiti and discolouration, the card may be missing small pieces from the card.

2 - (G) Good

Similar to a 3-VG card with more obvious wear and numerous creases, there may be scratches, discoloration, light stains, and graffiti.

3 - (VG) Very Good

Corners are round, surface wear of up to half the card which may include scuffing and scratches, may have more than one crease on the front and back of the card, major loss of gloss and stains, edge wear and discolouration are more noticeable.

4 - (VGE) Very Good to Excellent

Similar to a 5-EX card except the corners are more rounded and the card may show more wear, there may be a crease on the front or the back of the card, card may show a stain.

5 - (EX) Excellent

This is a card that is slightly used and/or major off-centered. Corners are fuzzy or slightly round. There is surface wear and edges may be chipped, there is a loss of original gloss and the card may have scratches, borders may be off colour, and there may be a slight crease on one side of the card but not completely through.

6 - (ENM) Excellent to Near Mint

This card is similar to the 6.5 -ENM+ card in most ways, some differences include centering 90/10 on the cards front, 3 or 4 corners showing slight wear, there may be some surface wear or light scratches.

6.5 - (ENM+) Excellent to Near Mint Plus

Centering is 80/20 or better, 3 corners may be showing slight wear, there might be slight surface wear, printing specs, or slight surface scratches.

7 - (NM) Near Mint

Centering is no worse than 70/30 on the front of the card, two or 3 corners will show slight wear, there may be surface scratches some which are visible, there will be 2 or 3 other minor imperfections with the edges, colour borders, picture quality and registration of this card.

7.5 - (NM+) Near Mint Plus

Similar to the 8-NMM card with centering 65/35 or better on the front, one or 2 corners will show slight fraying and it may be angle cut.

8 - (NMM) Near Mint to Mint

This is a card centered no worse than 60/40 on the front and 90/10 or better on reverse, it may have one or 2 corners with a slight touch of wear, possibly a wax mark or even hard to see surface marks, these may be part of the 2 or three minor imperfections of this card, colour, borders, edges, picture quality and registration are near perfect.

8.5 - (NMM+) Near Mint to Mint Plus

Similar to the 9 Mint card with centering better than 60/40 on the front and 90/10 or better on the back, may have a corner with a slight tick of white showing, one or two minor flaws such as printing imperfections which could be a print line on the back of the card or a hard to see surface scratch, or a slight chip on an edge.

9 - Mint

This card has similar characteristics to the cards mentioned above, centering is 55/45 or better on the front and better than 70/30 on the back, it will have one minor flaw, ex - a printing imperfection or a slightly rough edge (O-Pee-Chee cut)

9.5 - (NGM) Near Gem Mint

Has all the qualities of the above card, centering should be 50/50 top to bottom or side to side or better than 55/45, this card will have one minor imperfection.

10 - Gem Mint

A perfect card in every respect; centering 50/50 top to bottom and side to side and no worse than 60/40 on the back, sharp corners and edges, bright colour, glossy surface, good picture focus and registration.

Authentic - Trimmed

An authentic example that does not qualify for a number grade due to the card being cut on one or more edges to falsely enhance the condition of the card.

Authentic - Coloured

An authentic example that does not qualify for a number grade due to the card being touched up with marker/pen/paint to falsely enhance the condition of the card.