Phygital FAQ's

What is an NFT?

A: An NFT stands for a non-fungible token and is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger within a blockchain that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore cannot be interchangeable. 

What is a Phygital?

A: A phygital is the combination of a physical and a digital product. The physical item is paired with a digital twin (the NFT) which then creates the phygital. When purchasing one of our three services you will be purchasing a phygital (physical and digital graded card). 

How do I purchase a KSA Phygital?

A: All three KSA Phygital levels can be found and purchased under our shop services page. 

What does it cost to purchase a KSA Phygital?

 KSA Phygital - Standard Token
Digital card raw and graded, detailed card description, and card grade.
KSA Phygital - Enhanced Token
Digital card raw and graded, detailed card description, card grade, and card subgrades.
KSA Phygital - Elite Token
Digital card raw and graded, detailed card description, card grade, card subgrades, and a personalized video from Nathan Barnai on card history more information on grades and subgrades, etc. $35.00


To view more information and service details, please visit our shop services page. 

How can I view my NFT?

A: When you receive your physical card back, on the backside of the label will be the QR code to your NFT, all you need to do is scan that with a camera app on your phone and it will take you to your digital product and all the information regarding it. 

What value does an NFT add, specifically to graded cards?

A: A graded card has value already but pairing it with a digital twin increases that value. By having the NFT it adds security to the authenticity of the card, making it impossible to tamper with.

Can a NFT be purchased for an already graded KSA card? 

A: If you have a card graded by KSA previously and want to have the NFT for it, you will need to purchase one of our previously graded phygital services, either standard, enhanced, or elite which can be found under our shop services page. The previously graded service is the same price as our regular token services but with a $5 re-slab fee added on. 

When do I get my KSA Phygital?

A: If customers purchase a KSA Phygital, they will have access to the token when they receive their physical graded cards back.