Order Updates

As the card market is at its highest peak, card grading services have experienced extreme demand and large volumes of orders have been coming into our facility. 

Please note that bulk service turnaround times are approximate and the situation is fluid. Turnaround times may fluctuate up or down depending on order intake and how quickly we can work through existing orders. 

Approximate Turnaround Time and Grading Process Updates for Bulk Orders:

Orders received in the timeframe of January 1st-15th are currently in the grading process at the Ontario office. 

Bulk Service Turnaround Time: Approximately 1-2 months from the date received. (Applicable to the Ontario office)

If you are looking for order updates and turnaround times for the West office, please contact them directly. They have a large backlog of orders and are processing them as quickly as possible. The Ontario office does NOT have access to West office order so we cannot provide any updates.